Passion Céline Dion

Encore un soir

First album released after René's death. The song themes are around family and René of course. During a concerts tour and the promotional events around the launch of the album, we saw a new Celine, fresher, more energetic, more fashion.

Loved Me Back To Life

Her first English album almost six years day for day since the release of 'Taking Chances'. She presents an album with much more electronic music than before. She also finds back old partners in Michel Legrand and Diane Warren.

Sans attendre

First album in 5 years, especially awaited in French. Celine sings about her family members and expresses her feelings about those around her. Her dad, her mom, her husband and her kids are all targeted by specific songs dedicated to them. This album also features duets with Johnny Halliday, Jean-Pierre Ferland and Henri Salvador.

Taking Chances

A fast-paced English album, where Céline goes back to places she seldom went to. Very pop, often rock. Very interesting and most pieces could become singles. Typical American and commercial album, but done with Céline''s voice and generosity... very good.


An album featuring texts ordered to famous female writers on both sides of the Atlantic, some penned a song for the first time of their life. A good album, with very powerful texts, with a solid performance of Céline... but with too heavy orchestrations from Goldman, way too present especially around chorus.

On ne change pas

A mega greatest hits with a few original songs (Je ne vous oublies pas and Tous les secrets) as well a few other songs not available on previous Céline album before (I Believe in You, Ma Nouvelle-France et Sous le vent). This collection is the first distributed by Sony in North-America with songs recorded by Céline before she signed with CBS/Sony. It's probably a sign that the dispute over the rights of those songs in North-America is over. This collection exists in many editions: 1 CD, 2 CDs, 2 CDs with a bonus DVD, and, 3 CDs with a bonus DVD. On the DVD, we find the Je ne vous oublie pas and a 30-min documentary featuring the making of the video.

Miracle... a celebration of new life

This is the fruit of a very special collaboration with the world-famous photographer Anne Geddes. They made a photo album with splendid pictures of newborns. Céline did record this album to go along with the art book. The album features mostly lullabys and other songs dedicated to children (including her very own René-Charles). Céline had recorded many of those songs in the past on various albums. We could easily label this album "Mother Céline".

A new day... Live in Las Vegas

This album presents a selection of songs from the A New Day concert presented by Céline in Las Vegas since February 26, 2003. This album gives us a good idea of the sound ambiance of the show. During this concert, Céline presents many of her greatest hits and other songs she didn't record on previous studio albums. The album concludes with 2 studio recordings: You and I and Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way. Some editions feature a 16th track, Contre nature an another studio track. Some editions also offer a second disc, a DVD, featuring a 45-min documentary (One Year... One Heart) about the concert.

1 fille & 4 types

Another album done in close relationship with Jean-Jacques Goldman. Even though this collaboration delivers exceptional songs, we have the feeling Céline has settled for a comfort zone. This time, JJG teamed up with other French famous authors: Verunoso, Benzi and Arzel. The quatuor also contribute to vocals by doing background and foreground vocals. Altogether, it's a very good album, very diversified, with many songs very personal to Céline. We find on it the song Je t'aime encore, the French version of the original song of the same title released on the One Heart album. After realizing too late the confusion this brings to the fans, they renamed the French song Et je t'aime encore on following releases. The 13th track (Valse Adieu) is a hidden track.

One Heart

I nicknamed this album "The Chrysler Album", since I have a feeling Céline sold her soul to the American company. It's one thing to me to record songs explicitly for a publicity campaign and it's another one (in my own judgement) to sell publicity in the jewel case of an album. At first, I loathed this album, with time I learned to appreciate it. I'm not a techno music fan, but I like the versatility shown once again by Céline on this album. It's sad that some of the best songs of the album like Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda (initially recorded for the A New Day Has Come album) or Forget Me Not haven't been released as singles to put emphasis on the songs associated with car ads.

A New Day Has Come

Here's the big return album, after 2 years of sabbatical from Céline! It features has many cover songs. The most obvious for English listeners are Nature Boy and At Last. The French listeners will easily recognize Aun Existe Amore as the Spanish adaptation of L'Amour existe encore, The Greatest Reward as the English adaptation from the L'Envie d'aimer the most popular song from the 10 Commmandements musical and finally Ten Days adapted from French's song Tomber.

Les Indispensables de Céline Dion

Another collection of early songs released in 2001 with the same songs as on previous collections (like Les Premières années and Gold).

The Collector's Series, Vol. 1 / Tout en Amour

Here's a second consecutive collection album of English songs. This one is featuring only old songs, songs that have been harder to find for fans who bought only regular CDs of Celine. This is especially true for American fans, because most of the songs on this album were distributed in most other markets on the planet. This is a US album distributed elsewhere too. It's distributed under the original title in North-America, Asia and Australia and under the title of Tout en amour (to confuse fans again) in Europe.

All The Way... A Decade of Song

This very first official English collection will include greatest hits and new songs. The plans are for 8 greatest hits and 8 new songs. There will be many "local" editions of the album (according to the countries): the differences will be essentially based on the local hits. For example, Think Twice was a HUGE hit in UK and will be on the UK edition of the album, but probably not on any other edition around the world. Here's a list of songs we could find on this album.

Au coeur du stade

Recorded at the Stade de France (where was held the Soccer World Cup 1998) during Celine concerts of June 19 and 20, 1999, in front of almost 90,000 people each night, this CD is the audio part of one Celine greatest concerts ever. This album is very French and reserves beautiful surprises like hearing Celine's actual voice to sing some of her very first hits in French like Ce n'était qu'un rêve, D'amour ou d'amitié and Mon ami m'a quittée. That's the last live album before her long break.

These are Special Times

Celine's first Christmas album in English. She already made 2 in French, in 1981 and 1983. But she also made Christmas songs with the Chipmunks and for the Christmas album of David Foster. That album features great duets with Andrea Bocelli and R. Kelly and 2 songs with Celine's whole family. On this album, Celine sings in English, French, Spanish, Latin, and Italian! That album is a good mix between traditional songs and more recent ones. Definitively a must for every fan.

S'il suffisait d'aimer

This is another album written almost completely by Jean-Jacques Goldman.  Their past collaboration (D'Eux/The French Album) has became a classic in the French-speaking music world, being by far the best-seller of all times!  This one is very good too.  And it's not being optimistic to say that this album will, at worst, be the 2nd best-selling French album of all time.  This album features Celine singing an engaged song in Zora sourit and a great blues in Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi in addition to great ballads.  In their first collaboration Goldman wrote songs for Celine, this time he wrote more in his own style, while letting Celine sing her own unique way, like she has been singing a long time ago.  Most of the arrangements on that album are simple to let Celine's voice dominate the songs.

Let's Talk About Love

After the best-selling album "Falling Into You" (over 25 millions sold worlwide), which was on the theme of cover songs, this album is under the theme of contributions, and Celine had the BEST people you could dream of to join her. Could you imagine a music lover who wouldn't buy an album featuring Celine, Barbra Streisand, Luciano Pavarotti, Carole King and the Bee Gees? That album has it ALL!, plus many songs sung by the Adult-Contemporary #1 singer of the decade: Celine Dion!

The Collection 1982-1988

Released in spring, it's a double CD, featuring the songs 2 collections already released: Ne Partez pas sans moi and C'est pour vivre. It's in fact the 2 CD offered in the same case. Those two CDs together offer a good collection of Celine first songs.

C'Est pour vivre

Released in january, here's another compilation of Celine's early songs in French. This one is very interesting, not only because it features beautiful songs from Celine, but also 6 songs that were not available on CD before: Ne me plaignez pas, Hello Mister Sam, Trois heures vingt, Trop jeune à dix-sept ans, Paul et Virginie et Benjamin. These unique songs are the only reason you need to get your hands on this CD!

Live à Paris

Recorded in october 1995 in Paris (Zenith), that album captures the tour that followed the release of the D'Eux/The French Album album. Most of the songs from the best-selling francophone album of all times (10 out of 12) are there, in addition to these a few big hits in English: The Power Of Love (#1 in USA) and To Love You More (#1 in Japan). The japonese success is a studio recording while all the others are live. She also do again 3 songs already present on her previous live album (Celine Dion à l'Olympia): The Power Of Love, Quand on a que l'amour and Un Garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy).

Falling into you

Her fourth English album. It's her biggest success in the charts worldwide, and her best-selling album. There are many cover songs on that album: It's All Coming Back To Me Now written by Jim Steinman, Falling Into You from Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo, All By Myself from Eric Carmen, River Deep, Mountain High from Phil Spector and You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman from Carole King. In addition to the cover songs, you can find on this album 3 English adaptations from D'Eux: If That's What It Takes for Pour que tu m'aimes encore, I Don't Know for Je sais pas and Fly for Vole. Many interpretations of cover songs are unbelievable! But the album also presents some new songs, including Because You Loved Me from the movie Up close and personal. That song has been Celine's biggest hit so far, it was #1 on the prestigious Billboard's Hot 100 for 6 weeks, and it really crushed the old record of 13 weeks for the Adult Contemporary chart, staying on top for 19 weeks! It's the first album to deliver 2 Top 5 songs, the second one being It's All Coming Back To Me Now.

Gold vol. 2

Second album in the Gold series, that album presents mainly the full content of Incognito (Quebecer edition) and 6 totally new songs.

Céline Dion Gold / For you

The Gold rush, it's simply the demand created by the D'Eux album in France and by The Colour Of My Love in the rest of the world. We can re-discover other songs from her first albums. The CD format make available songs that previously exist in the vinyl format which is almost exclusively reserved to collectors. This album has the record in the worlwide re-edition. It was distributed in 5 countries, under 4 different titles with 5 different covers! The order of the tracklist is the same for all of them, but for the Ne partez pas sans moi on which the title song comes first.

D'eux / The French Album

We could write pages and pages about this historic album. But we can also limit ourselves saying that on rare occasions artists meet and create a masterpiece, and this album is really a masterpiece. Jean-Jacques Goldman and Celine rewrote the record book of French music. He wanted to write for her golden voice, she wanted to have the recognition she deserves in France; together they made the album we'll be still talking about for decades to come. There are many records established by that album: best seller (all style and languages alike) in Quebec and in France, best selling French album of all time and first French album to be certified Gold in UK! Celine told in 1996 that it was really the album of her life, that she could end her career right now, and be proud of what she has done. D'Eux was distributed in the USA as The French Album.

Céline Dion à l'Olympia

It's almost an obligation for every singer in French to record a live album from the Olympia. That old theater which received Piaf, Aznavour, Holliday, Brel and so many others had to see Celine Dion. Celine finally realised her dream: singing at the Olympia. She did in that concert excellent performances from the Dion chante Plamondon album, with a few of her hits in English. She also gave herself a gift, singing two songs she really love: Calling You, from the movie Bagdad Cafe, and Elle from her album C'est pour toi in 1985. That album was recorded september 28th and 29th, 1994.

Les Premières années

The French-speaking world (especially France) realised slowly the impact of the Dion phenomenon striking the world. To better bring Celine home, they grabbed some of her early material (before she signed with Sony) and made a very good compilation. That album was re-edited in 1995, when the Dion-mania really hit France.

The Colour Of My Love

That album really placed Celine among the great pop divas of the world: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and others... some even compared Celine to Streisand! Many hits came from that album: in USA it was The Power Of Love, in UK it was Think Twice and in Japan it was To Love You More, that album also known good performances in the charts all over the world. Let's say simply that the album was 7 weeks on top of UK charts, at the same time as the single Think Twice, that's something that hasn't been seen since the Beatles, 30 years before! Also the song To Love You More was #1 in Japan, first time since 1983 (What a feeling of Irene Cara) that a non-Japanese artist was #1. The Power Of Love was Celine's first #1 in US, it kept the top of the Billboard's Hot 100 for 4 semaines. A videocassette of that tour is available.

Celine Dion

Launching a second album in English at the Tonight Show, the day after the Oscars ceremony where the song Beauty And The Beast won an Oscar, that's called good timing. That album was considered as one of the best Adult Contemporary album in the previous 20 years. It traced a path for her 3rd English album, more pop, giving her the highest airplay in North-America, more than any other artist.

Dion chante Plamondon

In fall 1991, that album presents 4 new songs (Des mots qui sonnent, Je danse dans ma tête, Quelqu'un que j'aime quelqu'un qui m'aime and L'amour existe encore) and 8 cover songs from the songwriter Luc Plamondon. It represents the attachment of Celine for her mother tongue and remind her fans that she won't neglect French for English, but that she'll be leading careers in both languages at the same time. Ziggy finally gave her a huge success in France. In Quebec, the album was certified Gold the day it was released!, another great accomplishment for her. In France, the album's title is Des mots qui sonnent.


A very important album for Celine's career. It was a dream come true for Celine; her dream was to sing for everyone, now that album opens her the world. The song Where Does My Heart Beat Now was a hit all over the world. She proved with that album that she could export her voice, that she feared neither the languages nor the different cultures. Celine told about that album that it was like a second career debut. With about 10 albums in French as background and all the energy of her fans supporting her since her very beginning to help her reach the highest achivements, Celine shot and scored! A videocassette is available.

The best of / Vivre

After she has won the prestigious Eurovision contest with the song Ne partez pas sans moi, and because Celine's next step was to record in English, they released in Europe a Best of, featuring the winning song. It marks the end of the little girl singing and tells Europe that she's still there. In Germany, the album was known as Vivre.


Here's the caterpillar who became a butterfly. Her first album with CBS (which became Sony), first album also with different versions from one country to another. A perfect sound, a quality production and a new look of young woman more decided than ever to take her place in the world of the pop music. All the fears of losing her first public vanished by the only sound of her voice. Never a an album delivered so many hits. With this album, she gave her 3rd quebec tour in 5 years, including 42 consecutive shows at the Saint-Denis theater in Montreal. With her energy, her self-confidence and her huge talent, she won in 1988 the Felix award for the best scenic performance.

Les Chansons En Or

Only consolation for the fans in 1986, that album featuring her biggest success, including her very first song: Ce n'était qu'un rêve. In addition to these 10 hits, we find a brand new song: Fais ce que tu voudras. From that song was made the very first videoclip of Celine in French, it was taped in Germany. In this clip we see Celine with short hair, letting us guess what's coming..., but we had to wait another year to see how important the change was.

Céline Dion en concert

Her first live album, was recorded in may 1985 at the Place des arts concert place in Montreal, during her second Quebec tour. Celine has surprised people performing a wide variety of songs from medleys of Félix Leclerc and Michel Legrand to the hit song of 1983 What a feeling (from Irene Cara). Celine wanted things to change. We saw in her the need to explore new paths.

C'est pour toi

Her last complete album with new material before her first year off. During that year, she had changed her musical style, her look and of course her recording label, joining the Sony team. That album features one of the favorites of Celine, Elle, and 2 songs from her most recent album in France: Les oiseaux du bonheur and Paul et Virginie (which became Virginie... roman d'amour).


Praised by the public and the critics, that album won the Felix award as the album of the year and the best-selling album. Her gold record in France the year before and the success of the song Une colombe, written especially for the Pope's visit, were part of that huge success. The song Melanie touched most quebecers, and it was inspired by her niece... fighting the cystic fibrosis.

Les plus grands succès de Céline Dion

At age 16, Celine already released her first greatest hits album. We find on that album 10 of her greatest hits in the previous 3 years. Part of the profits from that album went to the research for cystic fibrosis, her niece Karine is struck by that illness. To really emphasize the good cause of that album, it was launched in a children's hospital (Sainte-Justine, in Montreal) and was sold in supermarkets so it had been easy to find for people.

Les oiseaux du bonheur

Deuxième album en sol français, combinant encore une fois des pièces de ses albums québécois, en plus de 3 chansons inédites (Paul et Virginie, Les oiseaux du bonheur et Hymne à l'amour). Un nouvel enregistrement vocal fut fait pour la pièce titre de son tout premier album, La voix du bon Dieu. Même aidé par une excellente prestation de Céline à l'Olympia en première partie de l'humoriste Patrick Sébastien, l'album n'obtint pas le succès espéré et les français devront attendre 3 ans avant d'avoir un autre album de «la p'tite québécoise». Céline réappararut en 1987 complètement transformée, un nouveau son et une nouvelle étiquette, avec Incognito.

Chants et contes de Noël

Second Christmas album, with 3 songs from her first one and three original tales written especially for the occasion, Celine had a better success with this one. In addition, she sang Brel (Un enfant) and À quatre pas d'ici, an adaptation of Eddy Marnay from The Land Of Make Believe. That song was very appreciated and re-used a few times after that.

Du soleil au coeur

First album in France, it's a melt from her first albums in Quebec (exception made of her Christmas album of course). In France, it's a success as fast as in Quebec; with D'Amour ou d'amitié she became the first canadian artist to have a gold record. At this time, 500,000 copies were needed to certify gold, Celine has sold over 700,000 copies. Unfortunately, her success in France disappeared almost as fast as it happened... and she came back from the back only many years later.

Les chemins de ma maison

Teamed to a tour and a special tv show, that album solidified the career of Celine in Quebec. The album was the best seller (all categories) in Quebec that year, thanks to great hits like Mon ami m'a quittée and Les chemins de ma maison. It was her second album certified platinum in Canada. At the age of 15, Celine had already sold over 250,000 albums in Quebec!

Tellement j'ai d'amour...

Here comes already the album that has established Celine in Quebec. All the moms were touched by the song Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi with which Celine won in Tokyo. The song D'amour ou d'amitié was a huge hit, and even today most quebecers can hum it. With this album, Celine won her first 4 Félix awards.

Céline Dion chante Noël

Certainly the Celine's rarest canadian album nowadays. Recorded at the same time as the first, it didn't have a huge success. It features classical songs for Christmas. That album would be the only album made by Celine distributed in Canada not being certified at least gold.

La Voix du Bon Dieu

THE very first step of a child in the showbusiness world. She had the voice to seduce Eddy Marnay, who wrote most of her first songs. Marnay even went into writing music for the title song: La voix du Bon Dieu. The words and the music are simple, but we can already hear a distinguished voice. We also find on that album the song that was sent to Rene Angelil: Ce n'était qu'un rêve... We were hearing without being fully conscient the birth of the biggest star Quebec ever had. It's also the only album on which Celine contributed to her songs.

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