Passion Céline Dion

1968-1980 - Céline's childhood

Ever since Céline was in her mother's womb, she was surrounded by music... that's also music that guided the choice of her first name. Céline really had the music genes in her, and she showed it right from the moment where she could talk.

1981-1986 - The first steps

After a little childhood filled with music and love from her big family, Céline does her first steps in the showbusiness. She records her first albums, do her first TV shows, performs her first concerts, etc. Those years of hard work will help her get the tools to succeed as the challenges will become greater.

1987-1994 - Conquest of the world

After doing her first steps and having learned the ropes of the business, Céline is now going for the world. Céline and René do a bet not many were thinking they would succeed: conquer the France and the American markets. This phase allows Céline and René to go up step by step the success scale... and prepare themselves for what's ahead.

1995-2001 - Worldwide domaination

After she had climbed the basic steps to stardom, Céline begins her domination of the worldwide music. She begins with the France market with the D'Eux album then she keeps on with her success in English with number one and sales now counted in dozens of millions of copies per album!

2002-2006 - The Return

After a 2-year break, Céline returns to her fans, with a new album and the preparation of a 3-year show in Las Vegas.

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