Passion Céline Dion


1981-1986 - The first steps

After a little childhood filled with music and love from her big family, Céline does her first steps in the showbusiness. She records her first albums, do her first TV shows, performs her first concerts, etc. Those years of hard work will help her get the tools to succeed as the challenges will become greater.


The French songwriter Eddy Marnay (who worked with Piaf, Mouskouri, Montand and Streisand, just to name a few) wrote for her La voix du bon dieu (God's vioce). He wrote the music and the lyrics, and introduced her in France. It was the first time that he had created a music for one of his songs. When he heard the demo tape Celine had sent to Rene Angelil, Mr Marnay told "C'est la voix du bon dieu" (It's God's voice), hence the name of the song and the album.

On June 19th, she began her career by a guest appearance on the most watched talk-show in Quebec then, hosted by Michel Jasmin. She sung La voix du bon dieu.

Beginning of December, a Christmas album is also launched, Celine chante Noël (Celine sings Christmas). If you have both LP's, look carefully on both sides of them, you'll see that the pictures were taken during the same photo session.


She released another album, Tellement j'ai d'amour ... (I have so much love).

A first single was launched in France, patronized by the Pathe-Marconi corporation.

In October, she won in Tokyo the gold medal from the World Popular Song Festival, and the musicians prize as well. She sang Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi (I have so much love for you), in front of 115 millions of tv viewers. She represented France, with the song from Eddy Marnay. There were 1907 contestants, and 30 finalists, the finals have been made in front of 12,000 persons.

When she came back, she was welcomed at the airport by many fans and the Premier of Quebec (Mr Rene Levesque).

In Novembre, she was part of a special benefit show for Quebecair (an airline company). The 9,000 people in the Forum (in Montreal) gave her an ovation even before she began to sing.

In December, a second single was released in France, D'amour ou d'amitié (Of love or of friendship).

On December 24th, she received from the mayor of Charlemagne, Mr Laurin, a plaque on which we can read (In French on the plaque): "In hommage and recognition to Celine Dion for the great honour that she does to her country, her province and her home town by her high performance in the singing domain and as international star.


In January, she was chosen to represent Canada as the revelation of the year at the Marche Internation du Disque et de l'Edition musicale (MIDEM, International market of disc and musical edition). With the song D'amour ou d'amitie she triumphed in front of 3,500 professionals in Cannes.

Shortly after that, on January 29th, she made her first appearance at the Champs-Elysees tv show, hosted by Michel Drucker.

In France, she launched the Du soleil au coeur (Some sunshine in the heart) album, and recorded two tv shows: Les jeux de 20:00 and Croque-vacances.

In May, she sang at La Place des Arts (Montreal) with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra for a Cystic fibrosis foundation benefit concert.

End of July, she sang at the International swim-across Lac Saint-Jean.

On July 30th, she gave, in front of 45,000 people at the Lac des Dauphins of Montreal, a performance recorded by the Societe Radio-Canada (SRC, French branch of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and was broadcasted on September 18th.

The director of Échos-Vedettes (an artistic paper in Quebec), Mr Marc Chatelle publishes the book La naissance d'une étoile (the birth of a star), which is Celine's debuts. This 181-page book have about 100 black and white pictures of Celine.

He song D'amour ou d'amitie exceeded 500,000 sold copies in France and Celine was the first Canadian to merit a gold record in that country. That gold record was presented to her during the annual convention of Pathe-Marconi, on September 1st.

On September 7th, she received her first Quebecer gold record for Tellement j'ai d'amour..., during the Michel Jasmin talk show.

She released a fourth quebecer album, Les chemins de ma maison (The paths of my house).

In France, the single Mon ami m'a quittée (My boyfriend left me) was the third released under the Pathe-Marconi/EMI label.

She was part of the Felix Leclerc Theatre opening gala and she sang Bozo in a remarquable way. Felix Leclerc was the most famous poet in Quebec's history.

At the Association du Disque et de l'Industrie du Spectacle Quebecois (ADISQ, Quebecer Association of the disc and show industry) gala, she won her first 4 awards.

She ended that year by launching another Christmas album, Chants et contes de Noël (Songs and tales about Christmas).


The TVA network (the largest private tv network in Quebec) made a one-hour tv special on her at the beginning of the year.

During the summer, she sang in front of many tens of thousands of people in the Montreal and Quebec City old ports.

A single with the german translations of D'amour ou d'amitie Mon ami m'a quittee was released in Germany, under the title of "Was bedeute ich dir".

At the end of August, she launched the Melanie album.

On September 11th, she sang Une colombe (A dove) in front of the Pope Jean-Paul II, and 65,000 persons who filled the Montreal olympic stadium.

On September 17th in a children's hospital of Montreal (the Sainte-Justine hospital) she launched the Les plus grands succès de Celine Dion (Celine Dion's greatest hits) album. It was sold in the Steinberg supermarkets and part of the profits, a gift from Celine and Steinberg, has been given to the cystic fibrosis foundation.

At the ADISQ gala, she received two more awards.

1984 was also the year the Les oiseaux du bonheur (birds of happiness) album and the single Mon rêve de toujours (My everlasting dream) were released in France.

From November 6th to December 9th, she was the opening act for Patrick Sebastien (a stand up comic and singer), at the Olympia (Paris).


At the beginning of the year, she did a quebecer tour, ending at La Place des Arts of Montreal. Her show on May 31st in this place was recorded and distributed in December as Celine Dion en concert (Celine Dion in concert). It was her first live recording.

She was among the artists who recorded a special song (Les yeux de la faim ... - The Eyes Of The Hunger) to fight starvation in Ethiopia.

At the end of the summer, her 8th quebecer album is released, C'est pour toi (It's for you).

She sings in duet the song Vois comme c'est beau with her sister Claudette, on her sister's album.>

On September 10th, Tele-Metropole (head station of the TVA network) broadcasted a tv special for the launching of C'est pour toi.

In October, the single C'est pour vivre was released in France.

In the fall she won 5 Felix awards (given by the ADISQ).

She also participated in movie soundtracks (in French and in English) of a kid movie, Operation Beurre de Pinotte / The Peanut Butter Solution. It was her first occasion to make a videoclip, with the song Listen to the magic man.


Celine took 18 months almost completely off. A change in her looks was necessary to mark the transition from the adolescent to the young woman.

A single was released in France, with 2 new songs: Billy and En amour (In love).

A compilation album was released in Quebec, Les chansons en or (The golden songs) and she had recorded a videoclip for the last song of the album: Fais ce que tu voudras (Do what you'll want).

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