Passion Céline Dion


1987-1994 - Conquest of the world

After doing her first steps and having learned the ropes of the business, Céline is now going for the world. Céline and René do a bet not many were thinking they would succeed: conquer the France and the American markets. This phase allows Céline and René to go up step by step the success scale... and prepare themselves for what's ahead.


Celine came back with a look more pop and a big contract with CBS.

On April 2nd, she launched the Incognito album and had a great success with Delivre-moi (set me free), On traverse un miroir (we pass through a mirror), Comme un coeur froid (like a cold heart) and the title song Incognito.

The last single with the Pathe-Marconi/EMI company is released, =Je ne veux pas (I don't want).

On September 27th, a 65 minute tv special on SRC is dedicated to her for her return.

La religieuse (The nun) was the first single released in France with her new label, Carrere (owned by CBS).


She received a MetroStar (Metro is a supermarket chain), in the category "Young artist 25 years old or less of the year".

She gave a series of 42 consecutive shows at the Saint-Denis Theatre in Montreal.

Then she flies off for Dublin (Ireland) where she won, on April 30th, in front of 600 millions tv viewers the prestigious Eurovision contest. Representing Switzerland, she won this 33rd edition of the contest with the song Ne partez pas sans moi (don't leave without me), written by the Swiss Nella Martinetti on a music from Attila Sereftug.

In France, a compilation album (The best of...) and Incognito were released in France.

She was, once more, the great winner of the ADISQ gala, with 4 awards.

In Germany, the Vivre (To live) album was released.


That year, Celine prepared her international career, taking English classes (at Berlitz).

She recorded 3 duets: Can't live with you, can't live without you with Billy Newton-Davis (on his Spellbound album), Wishful Thinking with Dan Hill (on his Real Love album) and the theme song of the movie Listen to me, with Warren Wiebe.

"I don't want to sell 5 million records and be rich, and then that's it. I'm afraid of that. I want a career. I want to sing all my life"
- Celine to Canadian magazine MacLean's in 1994


She made an important break through in English Canada and in the USA with her Unison album. This album, launched on April 2nd, sold over 600,000 copies in Canada and almost 2 million around the world (it was distributed in 16 countries). It was certified gold in USA (500,000 copies) by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), her first golden record in the USA.

Celine sang twice on the Tonight Show.

In Quebec, the ADISQ gave her the award for the English-speaking singer of the year. In a disagreement about the category, she refused the award.


That year, Celine was approached for recording of the closing song for an animated movie from Steven Spielberg, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, but the song was never sung by Celine; it eventually was sung by Sheena Easton. Celine's team preferred then to choose Walt Disney over Spielberg (today we can say without a doubt it was a VERY good decision).

On January 5th, Where does my heart beat now earned a position on the Billboard, where it stayed for 24 weeks, climbing up to the 4th position!, in the Hot 100 single and 35 weeks in the top 50 Hot adult contemporary.

She was invited to present an American Music Award.

On March 9th, she made her debut as a comedian in the tele-series Des fleurs sur la neige (Flowers on the snow) broadcasted by the SRC, in which she had the leading role.

She won awards as the female singer of the year and as the album of the year (Unison) at the Juno Awards gala held in Toronto. Celine was the first Quebecer to win these categories.

In the spring, at the 35th Grammys ceremony, she won with Peabo Bryson a Grammy Award for Beauty and the beast. She was also invited by Sony, along with other winners (among them was Michael Jackson), to a restaurant.

In April, the music tv station Musique Plus (in Quebec, much like MTV), produced a 3-hour special, one year after the Canadian launched of Unison.

Then Celine celebrated her 10 year career with a tour of Quebec and a show (recorded for television) at Montreal's Forum on June 19th.

She recorded with many other artists Voices that care a special song for the US troops during Gulf war.

In the fall, she launched an album dedicated to Luc Plamondon, author of the Starmania opera-rock. Four songs from Starmania are on that album, there are also 4 "old" songs of Plamondon and 4 new ones. The album is called >Dion chante Plamondon in Quebec and Des mots qui sonnent in France.

In October she received another Felix and one special prize from L'Union des artistes (Artists guild).

On October 29th, she sang at the Art National Center in Ottawa (capital of Canada), in front of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

On December 18th, she signed a contract worth 10 million of dollars with Sony Music International, back then it was the biggest contract signed by a Canadian artist with that company. The contract was good for 5 albums within the 10 following years (it's now over with the release of "Falling into you", less than 5 years after the beginning of the contract).


On May 14th, Celine received her first World Music Award, in Monte Carlo, as the female Canadian singer who was the best seller.

On March 29th, she received the Juno Award as the female singer of the year.

The day after, on her 24th birthday, Celine sang with Peabo Bryson the song Beauty and the Beast during the Oscar ceremony in Hollywood. The song won an Oscar that same night.

On March 31st, she launched her second album in English, Celine Dion, live at the Tonight Show, with the slogan "Remember the name because you'll never forget the voice".

During the summer, she did an American tour, as the opening act for Michael Bolton.

She received a gold record for her new album in the USA, it was her second gold record in just as many English albums! Later that album will be certified platinum (her first in USA), and the soundtrack of Beauty and the beast will also be platinum.

On July 1st, on Canada Day, she sang at the International Exhibition in Seville (Spain).

In the fall, she did a tour in Australia, in Europe and in Japan.

She participated in a special concert "For our childen", produced in Los Angeles (USA) by Walt Disney corporation. Profits of that concert had been given to a pediatric fondation against AIDS.

L'ADISQ gave her 2 awards.

She recorded the soundtrack for Tycoon , the English adaptation of Starmania . She gave her voice for Ziggy and Tonight we dance.

The songs Love you blind and >Cry just a little were also released this year.


At the beginning of the year, she received the prize of Personality of the year (for 1992), in the Arts and entertainment category, by La Presse, a daily paper in Montreal.

On January 19th, she sang for the President of the United States Mr bill Clinton, during his "Celebration for youth" investiture gala, at the Kennedy Center in Washington. She sang only one song, (Love can move mountains) and was personally congratulated by the First Lady of the USA (Mrs Hillary Clinton).

On January 27th, at the American Music Awards ceremony, she sang Beauty and the Beast with Peabo Bryson.

On February 2nd, she won with Peabo Bryson, at the 35th Grammy Awards ceremony, an award for Beauty and the Beast. She was invited by Sony at the restaurant after the ceremony with other artists, including Michael Jackson.

On March 20th, she received a special award from Billboard magazine (true bible of music). To commemorate her achievements around the world, the "Billboard International Creative Achievement Award".

The day after, she was crowned queen of the Juno Awards gala. Not only she brilliantly hosted the gala and she sang two songs but she also won 4 awards!

In September, the Disney corporation recorded a 90 minute tv special on Celine, at the Capitole (Quebec City). That special was broadcasted all over North America on the Disney Channel (with about 30 million viewers) in USA and in Canada by the CTV network on December 5th.

At the ADISQ gala, she received 2 more awards to mark her success in English and outside Quebec.

She recorded another duet, for the soundtrack of "Sleepless in Seattle", with Clive Griffen. It was the closing song, When I fall in love.

On November 8th, she launched The Colour of my Love album at the Metropolis (a bar in Montreal).

Sony distributed, in Europe only, a compilation of her first hits, under the title of Les premières annees (The first years).

In December, she recorded a Christmas special for the American NBC network. She sang The Christmas song (we can find this song on the "David Foster Christmas album"). Among the other participants in the special were Julio Iglesias, Natalie Cole and Johnny Mathis.

That year, there was also another duet, with Mario Pelchat, Plus haut que moi (higher than myself), on his album.


At the beginning of the year, Celine began to promote the Hudson Bay company (The Bay), as she had just signed a $500,000 contract with the oldest company in the world. She already had been associated with Chrysler, Simpson's and Diet Coke.

On February 12th, she achieved with The Power of Love, the biggest success ever made by a Canadian artist, staying at #1 of the prestigious Billboard's Hot 100 Singles (all tendencies) for four weeks!. That was the 50th biggest hit of all time.

"The power behind the song... is her bring-the-house-down voice, which turns an old, schmaltzy ballad into a soaring pop aria. That voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to dead-on high notes, a sweet siren combines force and grace."
- Charles Alexander, Time Magazine

On February 22nd, she was invited by Michael, to join the tv special on the Jackson family, The Jackson family honors", recorded at the MGM Hotel of Las Vegas and broadcasted on the NBC network.

At the Juno awards, she received the award as the female singer of the year, for the fourth year in a row!

In September, during a series of sold-out shows at the Olympia (in Paris) they recorded, on the 28th and 29th, a second live album. It has been released at the end of the year, under the title Celine à l'Olympia (Celine at the Olympia).

At the ADISQ gala, she won the same award as she did earlier at the Juno's and two additional awards!

That year she recorded again another Christmas song. This time on the A very merry chipmunk, an album with Alvin and the les chipmunks, where she sang Petit Papa Noël almost totally in French!

On November 24th, Celine received a diamond album to celebrate over one million copies of The colour of my love album in Canada. She was the first Quebecer to ever received one.

Celine also did two other collaborations that year: on the Kumbaya 1994 and Les enfoires au Grand Rex albums. On Kumbaya 1994 she sang a new song, Send me a lover (also available on the In Between Dances album, of which profits were given to research on breast cancer). On the Les enfoires au Grand Rex she did a live duet Jean-Jacques Goldman, Là-bas.

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