Passion Céline Dion


2002-2006 - The Return

After a 2-year break, Céline returns to her fans, with a new album and the preparation of a 3-year show in Las Vegas.


On January 19, the year kicks off with a NRJ Music Award and a Victoire de la musique (both are music awards from France) for Céline and Garou, about their Sous le vent song. The song won the NRJ awards as Duet of the Year on January 19, while it received the Song of the Year Victoire on March 9.

The beginning of the year is marked by the anticipation of Céline's new album. The public return occurs with a Barbara Walter interview, taped at Céline's Florida home, aired on February 1st. The new album, A New Day Has Come, is released in stores on March 25 (in Europe) and 26 (elsewhere). This first album of original material after her two-year hiatus was long awaited by the industry. That's a very diversified album, going from lush ballads like Nature Boy to songs with strong electronic music like Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable). The album had big sales right from the start... but sales quickly dropped afterward due to a lack of promotion by Sony. Also, Sony irritated fans in Europe by implementing a new anti-piracy feature preventing people from playing the album from a computer CD-ROM.

After a promotional tour of the medias by Céline, the fans can see, on April 7, the 1-hour TV special dedicated to the A New Day Has Come album. The special had been recorded on March 3rd, at the brand new Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California (USA).

On May 23, Céline is part of the VH1 Divas Las Vegas along with Cher, Shakira and the Dixie Chicks. The CD and the DVD recordings of that concert will be in stores on October 22.

On the same day sale of the tickets for Céline's concerts in Las Vegas, starting on March 25, 2003, began.

On June 1st, she is part of the Kiss-FM concert in Boston. She'll participate again the next day in New York for a similar event organized by the Z100 radio station, and in Passadena (California) on June 15 at the Wango Tango festival.

The Stuart Little 2 movie hits the big screen on July 19. The movie has the song I'm Alive, from Céline's latest album, as title theme. The movie will hit the store shelves in VHS and DVD formats on December 10. The DVD also includes a version of the I'm Alive videoclip.

After many delays, the live video of Garou, Live à Bercy, was in stores on September 17. This video features, of course, the live performance of the duet with Céline, Sous le vent, but also the videoclip of the song, on the DVD. On the DVD, we also see Céline singing Tomber / Ten Days with Garou and Gérald De Palmas.

A bit like Hollywood stars, Céline got her own star unveiled on September 26. Located in front of the Pepsi Forum (the old home of the Montreal Canadiens), this bronze star is beside the one dedicated to Maurice Richard.

Céline was also associated to another movie this year, Children On Their Birthdays. This children's movie is presented only in a small number of selected theaters in the US.

On October 15, two releases hit the store for Céline's fans. First, a new limited edition of the Disney animated movie Beauty & the Beast. This new DVD edition features the videoclip of the title song. Then, Claudette Dion, Céline's sister, released her first album in about 15 years: Claudette Dion chante Piaf.

On October 21, during the off-the-air ADISQ gala, Céline received once again the award for the Quebecer artist with most success in a language other than French. That's the 40th Félix Céline has won!

On November 12, the author Jean Beaunoyer publishes the book Et Angélil créa Céline. That's an unauthorized biography of René Angélil. The book is about René's life... and of course his career as manager. The book is relatively good, but crippled with errors that research work could have easily prevented.

On November 19, Sony releases a second edition of the A New Day Has Come, in hopes of boosting up the anemic sales of the album. This special edition features a second CD, a DVD in fact. This DVD features video images already shown on all TV networks, about the rehearsals of the Las Vegas concert. In addition to that, there are 2 new songs, available only in DVD format: All Because Of You and Coulda Woulda Shoulda.

The following day, Céline takes an active part in the World Children's Day. First, she goes to a Miami McDonald's restaurant to serve a few burgers and to gather funds. In the evening, we can see her during a TV special along with David Foster, Enrique Iglesias, Josh Groban and many others. A DVD recording of that concert is available on the Internet, for US buyers only.

On December 9, Anne-Marie Angélil gives birth to her second child; Stella. René is a grandpa for a second time.

On that same evening, Céline makes a surprise appearance during the comedy program La P'tite Vie, to sing a parody of the Christmas country song: C'est Noël.

On December 18, Céline and René announce they have agreed to be the godparents of the fund gathering campaign of the Sainte-Justine hospital, in Montreal.


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