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2007-07-24 05:59
Céline will be part of a special concert in Montreal on August 4th in Montreal, at the Bell Center, for the 100th anniversary of the Ste-Justine children hospital. Céline was the godmother of the financing campaign of the foundation of the hospital these past few years.

2007-06-27 06:01

2007-06-20 05:40
Céline's song You And I was selected by Hillary Clinton's fans to be the theme song for her campaign to be elected the democrat candidate for the US Presidential election in 2008. Americans will hear that song over and over, as it should be played at every event where Hillary Clinton will go. It's not the first time Céline is selected by the Clinton family... in 1993, she was part of the inaugural concert to celebrate the arrival to power of Bill Clinton.

Let's also remember that song was also used by Air Canada to promote the company.

2007-05-23 06:31
You can now find the lyrics (translated of course) of Céline's newest French album D'Elles. It's a good album, with very strong texts from famous female authors from Québec and from France. Céline delivers a good performance of those songs. For the music, Céline has teamed up once again with Jean-Jacques Goldman and his other friends Erick Benzi and Jacques Veneruso. The music parts are okay, but I find the orchestrations to be too present. Especially in the chorus of most songs, the music takes the front stage over Céline's voice... as if Goldman's musician side wanted to do a solo of guitar on every single song and make his presence noticed. Especially with such powerful texts, the music score should be there to support the interpretation, not take the front end. Also, most songs have a much higher volume and richer sound for the chorus part that for the rest of the song... making the listening experience uneven. I will most likely go in my audio editor and tone down most chorus parts to standardise the music levels and appreciate the whole listening better.

I also placed in the 'Other songs' section the latest duet recorded by Céline, on Claude Dubois' Duos Dubois album.

Céline's next English album should be released in October and will be the starting block of a new world tour beginning in March next year.

2007-04-27 04:44
Two days ago, American Idol presented a 'Idol Gives Back' special to gather funds to help children in the US and in Africa. They have raised over US$60 millions. The most anticipated performance of the night was a pre-recorded duet with between Céline and Elvis, the King himself. They recorded a virtual duet of course, a bit like Céline did with Frank Sinatra, putting her voice on his track. But this time, the delivery was VERY spectacular. Forget about the simple video screen in the back showing Elvis singing at the same time. This time, they created a virtual character to actually stand by Céline and sing. They 'transplanted' the Elvis from an original 1968 video recording on the stage next to Celine, in a 3-D technical achievement. That was great. For those of you who had missed it, here's a link to Youtube to see it. If the link is broken, please do a search for "Celine Elvis" in their search engine.

Last week, we learned that a film producer from Ontario was making an English-language documentary about Céline's life. This production was not authorized by René, and I seriously doubt it will be ever released.

2007-04-04 06:35
I haven't had much time since my return to write you about my trip and about my Céline concerts. I enjoyed both concerts I saw. On Saturday 10, I was in the Mezzanine 1, and I enjoyed the full view of the show, although I was a bit tired from my day at the Grand Canyon. On the Sunday night, I was on first row, and I was able to appreciate a whole different perspective of the show. On that night, it was Celine who was tired and sick... as she cancelled her two next shows, but she performed very well nonetheless.

Céline is in the news today as she is suing her first manager (Paul Lévesque) who sold the rights of the song Ce n'était qu'un rêve for a bank TV commercial. The 'problem' is that he no longer had those rights, which have been bought back by René many years ago.

2007-02-22 05:48
While waiting for the next album in French, fans will have the chance to hear another new song of Céline in April. She recorded a duet with Claude Dubois, a famous Quebec male singer. The duets album (Du haut de Claude Dubois) will be released in April and will feature songs sang with many other Quebec artists (including Garou among many others). The song that will feature Céline is Si Dieu existe, a song released in 1996 that has become one of Dubois most loved songs.

2007-02-14 21:51
This Valentine's Day was released the first single of Céline's next album in French (D'elles, to be released in May). The song is entitled S'il n'en restait qu'une (je serais celle-là), which I translate as If there was only one left (I'd be that one). Thanks to my friend Estevam who reminded me of that and sent me a copy of the song. For the members of Team Celine, go on their Web site, you'll find the full song. For the others, you can hear a clip of that song here.
That's a great song, as always with the collaboration between Céline and Goldman. As always, you can find the lyrics and my translation on my Web site, simply select the song in the Quick Jumps on the front page.

2007-02-09 06:00
Here are some news of the past week I didn't have time to publish...

Ben Kaye, a great friend and mentor of René, died last Saturday. He had managed the Baronets and had a become a close friend of René, who came to Montreal Monday to attend the service.

Still about René, the Caesar's Palace released a communiqué indicating René was NOT gambling a lot... contradicting the rumours that he was gambling a million a week and spending away Céline's fortune.

Céline will sing at the Oscars ceremony on February 25th, for the 5th time! She was asked to perform her newest recording (I Knew I Loved You) by the composer Ennio Morricone himself for his homage tribute. After being the only singer to ever sing twice on the same Oscar night, Céline will now be the one who sang the most during these ceremonies.

Julie Snyder (Productions J) is making the DVD on the whole adventure that is the Las Vegas show A New Day, with a whole set of extra features beside the concert itself. Only four more weeks before I'm in Vegas myself to see it.

There are rumours about an English album due for Fall, but rumour came only from one source so far.

2007-01-31 17:56
The little town of Charlemagne, where Céline was born, has decided to name the end of the highway leading to them as "Céline Dion boulevard". Although it's not officially recognized because it's not allowed to officially name a place after a living person (except for the members of the Royal family), there are dozens of times this has been done in the past. The name will be used by everyone, just not registered in the government official records.

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