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2006-10-08 11:00
I'm now done with the quotes database, I'm now working on the biography update. I also slightly modified the look of the entrance page.

2006-09-28 19:28
Céline was in studio yesterday (in Las Vegas) to record with the producer Quincy Jones. She recorded I Knew I Loved You. This is an instrumental song written by famous western music composer Ennio Moricone, lyrics were placed on that song. The original song was on the soundtrack of the Once upon a time in America movie from Sergio Leone in 1984. It will be on an homage album for the composer, release date unknown at the moment.
René also said to a reporter from Las Vegas that he will soon meet with Sony to prepare Céline's new English album.

2006-09-28 06:10
Le Mirage, the golf club owned by Céline and René is facing some accusations by the Quebec Liquor and Gaming Commission. The Commission has found two bottles of wine and one bottle of alcool that didn't have the Commission stamp. It's forbidden for a business to have alcool not coming from specific sources. The hearing will take place on October 30th. It kinda reminds us of the problems faced by the Nickel's restaurants regarding sales taxes a few years ago.

2006-09-27 06:30
Imavision announced yesterday they released a box set of 6 of the Contes pour tous (Tales for everyone, Quebec kids movies). Among the bunuses of the box-set there's a documentary about Céline singing for this movies series (Peanut Butter Solution, 1985), and a CD with song themes of the series, most probably with Céline on it. It would be the first and only CD recording of those rare Céline songs. I'm waiting for my copy for more details.

2006-09-22 16:30
I just got the new song of Céline, the duet with Tony Bennett that will be released next Tuesday: If I Ruled The World, which I offer you a preview on this link: If I Ruled The World.

2006-09-21 14:30
I just bought my ticket to go see Céline in Las Vegas. I got my front-row ticket for the March 11th concert.

2006-09-19 13:00
Official re-opening of the site after a 3-year hiatus. I'm done with the basic elements (albums discography and old biography). I will add contents in the following days and weeks in order to make it fully operational again.

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