Passion Céline Dion


C'est pour toi

Released: , 1985

Her last complete album with new material before her first year off. During that year, she had changed her musical style, her look and of course her recording label, joining the Sony team. That album features one of the favorites of Celine, Elle, and 2 songs from her most recent album in France: Les oiseaux du bonheur and Paul et Virginie (which became Virginie... roman d'amour).

  1. C'est pour toi(S)
  2. Tu es là
  3. Dis-moi si je t'aime
  4. Elle
  5. Pour vous
  6. Les Oiseaux du bonheur
  7. Avec toi
  8. Amoureuse
  9. Virginie... roman d'amour
  10. C'est pour vivre(S)
*: Only on certain editions of the album
C: Song recorded in concert (live)
D: Duet or in collaboration with others
S: A single of that song was released
V: A videoclip of that song was made

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