Passion Céline Dion


Dion chante Plamondon

Released: November 4, 1991

In fall 1991, that album presents 4 new songs (Des mots qui sonnent, Je danse dans ma tête, Quelqu'un que j'aime quelqu'un qui m'aime and L'amour existe encore) and 8 cover songs from the songwriter Luc Plamondon. It represents the attachment of Celine for her mother tongue and remind her fans that she won't neglect French for English, but that she'll be leading careers in both languages at the same time. Ziggy finally gave her a huge success in France. In Quebec, the album was certified Gold the day it was released!, another great accomplishment for her. In France, the album's title is Des mots qui sonnent.

  1. Des mots qui sonnent(V)
  2. Le Monde est stone
  3. J'ai besoin d'un chum(*)
  4. Le Fils de Superman
  5. Je danse dans ma tête(SV)
  6. Le Blues du businessman
  7. Piaf chanterait du rock(*)
  8. Ziggy (Un garçon pas comme les autres)(V)
  9. Quelqu'un que j'aime, quelqu'un qui m'aime
  10. Les Uns contre les autres
  11. Oxygène
  12. L'Amour existe encore(SV)
*: Only on certain editions of the album
C: Song recorded in concert (live)
D: Duet or in collaboration with others
S: A single of that song was released
V: A videoclip of that song was made

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