Passion Céline Dion


The Colour Of My Love

Released: November 8, 1993

That album really placed Celine among the great pop divas of the world: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and others... some even compared Celine to Streisand! Many hits came from that album: in USA it was The Power Of Love, in UK it was Think Twice and in Japan it was To Love You More, that album also known good performances in the charts all over the world. Let's say simply that the album was 7 weeks on top of UK charts, at the same time as the single Think Twice, that's something that hasn't been seen since the Beatles, 30 years before! Also the song To Love You More was #1 in Japan, first time since 1983 (What a feeling of Irene Cara) that a non-Japanese artist was #1. The Power Of Love was Celine's first #1 in US, it kept the top of the Billboard's Hot 100 for 4 semaines. A videocassette of that tour is available.

  1. The Power Of Love(SV)
  2. Misled(SV)
  3. Think Twice(SV)
  4. Only One Road(SV)
  5. Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down
  6. Next Plane Out(SV)
  7. Real Emotion
  8. When I Fall In Love(SV)
  9. Love Doesn't Ask Why
  10. Refuse To Dance
  11. I Remember L.A.
  12. No Living Without Loving You
  13. Lovin' Proof
  14. The Colour Of My Love
  15. Just Walk Away(*)
  16. To Love You More(*SV)
*: Only on certain editions of the album
C: Song recorded in concert (live)
D: Duet or in collaboration with others
S: A single of that song was released
V: A videoclip of that song was made

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