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Cline Dion Gold / For you


The Gold rush, it's simply the demand created by the D'Eux album in France and by The Colour Of My Love in the rest of the world. We can re-discover other songs from her first albums. The CD format make available songs that previously exist in the vinyl format which is almost exclusively reserved to collectors. This album has the record in the worlwide re-edition. It was distributed in 5 countries, under 4 different titles with 5 different covers! The order of the tracklist is the same for all of them, but for the Ne partez pas sans moi on which the title song comes first.

  1. D'Amour ou d'Amitié
  2. Visa pour les beaux jours
  3. Ne partez pas sans moi
  4. Les Oiseaux du bonheur
  5. Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi
  6. La Religieuse
  7. C'est pour toi
  8. Avec toi
  9. Mon rêve de toujours
  10. Du soleil au coeur
  11. À quatre pas d'ici
  12. Un amour pour moi
  13. Billy
  14. Comment t'aimer
*: Only on certain editions of the album
C: Song recorded in concert (live)
D: Duet or in collaboration with others
S: A single of that song was released
V: A videoclip of that song was made

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