Passion Céline Dion


C'Est pour vivre

Released: January, 1997

Released in january, here's another compilation of Celine's early songs in French. This one is very interesting, not only because it features beautiful songs from Celine, but also 6 songs that were not available on CD before: Ne me plaignez pas, Hello Mister Sam, Trois heures vingt, Trop jeune à dix-sept ans, Paul et Virginie et Benjamin. These unique songs are the only reason you need to get your hands on this CD!

  1. Mon ami m'a quittée
  2. La do do la do
  3. Hymne à l'amitié
  4. Je ne veux pas
  5. C'est pour vivre
  6. En amour
  7. Ne me plaignez pas
  8. Les Chemins de ma maison
  9. Hello Mister Sam
  10. Trois heures vingt
  11. Trop jeune à dix-sept ans
  12. Paul et Virginie
  13. La Voix du Bon Dieu
  14. Benjamin
*: Only on certain editions of the album
C: Song recorded in concert (live)
D: Duet or in collaboration with others
S: A single of that song was released
V: A videoclip of that song was made

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