Passion Céline Dion

Have A Heart
Length: 4:14
Language(s): English
Credits: Marnay, Eddy / McCarthy, Ralph / Nova, Aldo / Steinberg, William
A woman is begging her lover to return so she can prove to him how much she loves him and she hopes they can be together again.
This is the adaptation of the Partout je te vois song from the Incognito album.
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Lying in bed alone
Thinkin' 'bout how much I need you
Oh, give me one more chance to see you again
If only I'd have known
It was the last time I'd be with you
I would've held on and never let you go

Baby, just have a heart
I'm begging you
Let me show you how much I need you
Baby, just have a heart
This much is true
I miss your touch
I'm still in love with you

Here comes another day
I don't know if I can make it
Oh, I just realized it's so lonely being free
Runnin' from the pain
I'm never gonna shake it
Oh, how I need you to take it from me

I always thought that I would have the upper hand
But now I know that I'm really not that strong
If I could only make you understand
I'd give you the world but for a start...

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