Passion Céline Dion

Did You Give Enough Love
Length: 4:21
Language(s): English
Credits: Roman, Arnold / Swirsky, Seth
One explains to his/her ex-lover why they walked away.
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Celine Dion(V)

You say you still don't know the reason why
I walked away
I know you thought you were so good to me

I didn't see it that way
My love's not something you can buy and sell
Like pearls on a string
And if you want to know where we went wrong
You ought to stop and think

Did you give enough love, did you show that you cared?
When I needed understanding were you really there?
Whenever I was down did you try to pick me up?
Maybe you should ask yourself, did you give enough love?
Did you give enough love?

Good intentions I know you had, right from the start
But if you wonder why we didn't last
Just look inside your heart



Did you give enough time when I was alone
When I needed you there to make me feel I belonged
You just don't know what you do to me
I just had to be free

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