Passion Céline Dion

I Have To Dream
Length: 3:04
Language(s): English
Credits: Hinton, JD / Solem, Rick / Vannelli, Ross
A dream can change life and life's perception.
This song is from the soundtrack of the children movie Children On Their Birthdays, on which the song is also performed by Jennifer Newman Sharpe.
Available on:
Children on Their Birthdays (Various artists)

What lies before me
What stands between
No one can tell me
What I have seen
Some see the tarnish
I see the gleam
I have to wonder
I have to dream

One dream can change you
One dream can make
All the difference
One heart can take
I dream of flying
I'm in mid-air
I have to wonder
What's out there

The skies the limit
Today's the day
(the) Heavens are still there
When skies are gray
Some days are better
Than they seem
Some days are better
Because you dream

On rainbows to rainbows
On starlight to star
To dream isn't that what
Tomorrow is for
Only a dreamer knows what I know
What it's like to wonder
And then let go

On rainbows to rainbows
I know what I seem
I have to wonder
I have to dream

Created and maintained by:  Sylvain Beauregard, ©1996-2006