Passion Céline Dion

La Chanson des restos
Length: 2:49
Language(s): French
Credits: Goldman, Jean-Jacques
Tells that we no longer have the right to let others be hungry and not care.
Title translates as "The song of the restaurants". This little song was written for the Restos du coeur (restaurants of the heart) in France who provide hot meals to the poorest, homeless people.
Available on:
Les Enfoirés au Grand Rex (Various artists) (CD)
La Soirée des Enfoirés 96 (Various artists) (CD)

The song of the restaurants

Aujourd'hui, on a plus le droit
Ni d'avoir faim ni d'avoir froid
Dépassé le "Chacun pour soi"
Quand je pense à toi, je pense à moi
Je ne te promets pas le grand soir
Mais juste à manger et à boire
Un peu de pain et de chaleur
Dans les restos, les restos du coeur

Today, we no longer have the right
To be hungry or to be cold
Over the "Each for himself"
When I think of you, I think of me
I don't promise you a huge banquet
But only something to eat and to drink
A bit of bread and of warmth
In the restos, the restos of the heart

(repeat 5 times)

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