Passion Céline Dion

Length: 2:57
Language(s): French
Credits: Goldman, Jean-Jacques
Encourages someone to let go, to free herself from pain and sickness.
Title translates as "Fly". This song was written to pay hommage to Karine, Céline's niece who died from cystic fibrosis. The song was also translated in English with the title Fly.
Available on:
D'eux / The French Album
Live à Paris(C)
On ne change pas(*)


Vole vole petite aile
Ma douce, mon hirondelle
Va t'en loin, va t'en sereine
Qu'ici rien ne te retienne

Fly fly little wing

My dear, my dove

Go far away, go serene

Let nothing here hold you back

Rejoins le ciel et l'éther
Laisse-nous laisse la terre
Quitte manteau de misère
Change d'univers

Rejoin the sky and the ether

Leave us the earth

Leave misery's coat

Change of universe

Vole vole petite soeur
Vole mon ange, ma douleur
Quitte ton corps et nous laisse
Qu'enfin ta souffrance cesse

Fly fly little sister

Fly my angel, my pain

Leave your body and leave us

To finally stop the pain

Va rejoindre l'autre rive
Celle des fleurs et des rires
Celle que tu voulais tant
Ta vie d'enfant

Go join the other bank

The one of flowers dans laughs

The one you wanted so much

Your child life

Vole vole mon amour
Puisque le nôtre est trop lourd
Puisque rien ne te soulage
Vole à ton dernier voyage
Lâche tes heures épuisées
Vole, tu l'as pas volé
Deviens souffle, sois colombe
Pour t'envoler

Fly fly my love

Because ours is too heavy

Because nothing eases your pain

Fly to your last trip

Leave your hours exhausted

Fly, you haven't steel it

Become a breeze, be dove

To fly yourself away

Vole, vole petite flamme
Vole mon ange, mon âme
Quitte ta peau de misère
Va retrouver la lumière

Fly fly little flame

Fly my angel, my soul

Leave your misery's skin

Go rediscover the light

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