Passion Céline Dion

Finale (La Première Fois)
Length: 2:14
Language(s): French
Credits: Baillargeon, Paul / Marnay, Eddy
Céline wishes a good night to the people who came to see her.
Title translates as "Ending (the first time)". It's a song that was written expressly for her tour. It was then cut into two parts, Ouverture and Finale, to open and close the concert.
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Céline Dion en concert(C)

Finale (the first time).

On s'est vus pour la première fois
Et j'espère que l'on se reverra
C'est toute une histoire
Qui se joue entre nous
C'est toute une histoire

We saw each other for the first time
And I hope we'll meet again
That's quite a story
That takes place between us
That's quite a story
Of love

Et quand le théâtre s'éteindra
Et quand rentrera chez soi
Dans la salle vide
Restera la rumeur
De nos rires ensemble
De nos larmes ensemble
Et de nos battements de coeur

And when the theatre will switch off
And when each will go to his own home
In the empty room
Will still have the rumour
Of our laughs together
Of our tears together
And of our heart beats

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